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My Mission.

This parenthood business is tough stuff, let me tell you.

 Some days I feel great about how things are going- we hit a good rhythm. Other days, I feel so overwhelmed by this whole parenting thing ( I mean really, is there a bigger job on the planet??)  and I feel like everything is going wrong. I love the great days and the confidence that comes from those days. I hate the bad days and the confidence that is lost, or maybe not lost, but hidden, overshadowed by my feelings of doubt and guilt. 

But thankfully those bad days don't go on forever. In the big picture, they are fleeting. And those good days are treasured, tucked away for future reference, to remind me that they do in fact happen.

Either way, I need to remember that, right now, my kids are my mission. This "job" of parenting my 3 munchkins is one of the biggest things I will EVER do in my life. God has given me this tremendous responsibility to raise these babies, these little people, into big God-fearing adults. How can I do that when I barely feel like an adult myself? 

But I can, and I am. Despite how it feels some days, I am succeeding in this job. And God knows that I can succeed- why, He is the one who gave me these 3 blessings. They were meant to be my mission.

Yet somehow, in the midst of everyday life, everyday chaos, everyday habits, I lose perspective. I know that they are my mission in life, but I don't always act on it. Sometimes we get so caught up with school, church, sports, photography, blogging, appointments, illness..... that I finally realize that we haven't been doing much that encourages and builds up our Godly home. Yes, we pray and read the bible, but lots of days, those things get left out. Busyness can be our enemy, yet it is almost impossible to avoid. 

But I need to remember, that blogging, photography, dressing nice, having a nice car/house....whatever it may be that makes it seem like I am a strong, put together, on top of it all mom is NOT my mission. My kids are my mission. 

Seems simple right? 

Strip it all down and that's all it is. 

Aside from keeping them alive and well (fed, warm, clothed, loved and cherished), it is my job to show them the love of God and teach them His word. Pray with them. Read with them. Play with them. Put them before my own desires. Be selfless. Create good memories that they can look back on when they are adults and remember how loved they felt. 

There are a handful of people (college-age), from my past and my present, that I say to Jake, " I hope our kids turn out like them. They are such good quality people." I can tell that those people had parents who knew their mission in life and really acted on it.

Life gets so busy, that it can be hard to focus on my mission sometimes. 

We were lucky enough to have a missionary couple stay with us for 5 days, and having them here really helped get our minds back on track. 

Our goal is to be much more intentional with reading the bible and praying and really making our house a Godly home. 

"He must increase but I must decrease."

Easier said than done. 

But it will be done. Because it is my mission. My job. My life. Really, the biggest thing in my life. 

God. My husband. My kids. 

My mission will not be forgotten. 

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