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When Daddy's away....

Jake's been gone for 7 days, with 2 still to go. He will be home late late Saturday night.

Some things that I have learned while he's been away:

- I am WAY more tired that I expected. Each night, when I finally  make it into bed, I crash. I don't even make it through my nightly prayer. Usually, it takes me a while to fall asleep, my mind doesn't like to shut down... but not this week!

- Evenings are really boring without Jake here! It is lonely not having anyone to talk to, or vent to about my day. It is lonely watching New Girl (or whatever other show we watch) by myself- I have no one to laugh with me! (New Girl is hysterical and definitely one of our favorite new shows!!)

- Daddy being away affects Lily the most. She definitely had a rough start to the week, missing Daddy, and even more sensitive and emotional than she has been the past few weeks. She was even having some troubles at school on Monday and Tuesday, not getting into trouble, but again with being sensitive and emotional over any little thing.

- I am doing better than I expected. With Jake gone, and not having him here to give me little breaks or more importantly, the emotional support, I thought that I would have a harder time controlling my frustrations and losing my patience more quickly. But, I have actually been just fine this week, and have been having a good time with the kids.


Jake, we are doing okay without you  here, having fun, going out, eating well... but we all miss you and can't wait to see  you this weekend!

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