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Just a phase.... I hope.

It's 7pm. The kids are in bed. It's been a bit of a long day.

Actually the past week or two have felt pretty long. All three kids I feel, are going through something right now, although I am not sure what. But they sure are testing me.

Lily has been very emotional lately. The littlest thing will bring her to tears. And whenever Lily gets upset, it is very long and drawn out. And loud. I am not sure what is making her so emotional the past couple of weeks, but the part that really breaks my heart, and makes me confused, is that she is really taking everything personally. Every time she does something wrong, or if I gently correct her about something, or remind her to do something, she thinks it means that we don't like her. Which I really don't understand where she is getting that from. For example, the other day, she was sent to her room for 5 minutes because of her reaction when I gave her a 3 (she starting throwing a horrible fit) for hitting Jonah. I was talking to her once she has calmed down about why she was in her room. I asked her "Do you think I would give you a 3 if you didn't do anything wrong?" And she said "Yes". I asked her why and she said "Because you don't like me". Can you hear my heart breaking?? I don't know why on earth she would think that, so of course I reassured her over and over that is not the case, I do like her, I do love her, more than anything, and that there is nothing she can do or ever do to make me not love her. Jake thinks that she is testing me, but I don't know. She seems to honestly think that and feel that way sometimes. But she has said that a few times the past couple of weeks. I'm not really sure what to do about it, but I have been making an effort to really make her feel loved.

Jonah has been a bit of a handful the past couple of weeks too. He has not been the best listener lately, which usually results in him dragging a chair into the kitchen and him going into the pantry or grabbing things off of the counter. He has also been a bit aggressive lately- getting into trouble for hitting or being hurtful to one of the girls or me or Jake. Usually, he is such a sweet little guy who is generally happy to listen and do what is asked of him. Not sure what is up with him- I am thinking maybe it's a phase? He is 3 1/2....

And then there's Kate....
This is one feisty little girl we've got. The past few days, here new favorite thing to do when I give her an answer she doesn't like, is to scream in my face. Over and over. And over again. I expected some trouble from her, now that she is two. I am finding that girls are harder than boys in the early years. At least that's how it is with my kids. So, I saw this coming with Kate (of course, it would have been nice if she just skipped right over the "terrible two's"), but it still isn't easy to go through.

So, all of the kids are definitely going through something, a phase, right now, but I am trying to make the best of it and use it to teach them and love them.

If anyone has any advice on what any of my kids are going through, especially Lily (she is concerning me the most), please let me know!

We also got some great news this week!

First, Jake made the fire department medical team! This is something that he has been working towards since he joined the department. When his pager goes off, it's either a medical call or a fire call. He gets paid for the fire calls but not the medicals, because he wasn't on the medical team. But to get on the medical team, he had to go to all of the medicals to show them that he did want to be on the team. So, now that he actually is on the medical team, nothing will change except that he his paychecks will double (or more) each month! What an answer to prayer!

Also, I got a letter yesterday saying that Lily received a FULL scholarship to full day kindergarten in the fall!! I have been praying about this almost every day since I found out all of the details about kindergarten and the frustration that caused me. God really answered our prayers on this one. It never occurred to me, not one time, that we would get a full scholarship. I figured we would get some money, maybe 50%, or 75% (that's how much we got for Lily's preschool this year), but a full scholarship never entered my mind. I was so blown away- the kids and I were all jumping up and down! Lily is so excited that she will be going full day and she is most excited about getting to eat lunch at school! :) 

Thank you God for your blessings and answered prayers!

And please keep voting- we are moving up every day! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I'm SO excited for your news this week- those are so wonderful!

As I am not *yet* a mother of 3, let alone a 5 year old, I can't give you any solid advice, but know that I can very clearly recall feeling like my parents didn't like me, liked and even loved my sister more, and would easily choose her instead of me. I know now this isn't the case. I know now that they disciplined me out of love, to teach me and guide me into adulthood. But that's a lot for a 5 year old to understand! I think you're doing everything exactly right! You HAVE to be firm and discipline. But you're also reassuring her over and over of your love, and showing her every day with little things- I know the kind of mom you are and the kind you strive to be, and I know she'll realize this eventually. I'm pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't know about you and your mom when you were younger, but let me tell you, our house was sure a doosey once the teen (and pms) years took hold. These are emotions. But truth- knowledge of real love- that's buried inside, that is engraved in her heart and she knows it, even when she tells you she doesn't and even when she'll tell you she hates you (but maybe you'll get lucky and she'll be the perfect teenager?)

ANYWAY enough of me. You're doing great. I miss you tons. Don't give up!

Momma Chantal said...

I love seeing God so clearly in your little family! You are such a great example of faith and answered prayers! You are an incredible woman and I know that parenting through the Lord will always get you through. Maybe try praying with Lily when she feels that way? Reinforcing Gods love for her may be even more powerful then reinforcing your love for her.