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Valentine's Day

We had a fun day yesterday- the kids woke up to little gifts and treats on their spots at the table, we all wore festive colors, Lily had a little school party (and Jonah had his today), we made a fun heart shaped cake (which tastes really good, but didn't look that great, so no pic...), and had a fun dinner (although it didn't look nearly as good as it does in the picture!).

Jake and I made our own nice dinner after the kids went to bed: steak tips, curried rice and asparagus. And Jake and the kids gave me flowers too!

We all had a great Valentine's day :)

The kids made all of these crafts on Sunday when the spent the afternoon at Grandma Jan's house. I just love that she did these crafts with them. They were all so excited to give them to me and Jake!




The kids painted this birdhouse and then decorated it :)

They also painted and decorated this frame and I am going to put one of the pictures above in it.
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Masshole Mommy said...

Looks like you guys had a great V-day!