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This house

I realized that it has been quite a while since I have really written anything about our new house. Next month, we will celebrate being home owners for one full year!

So much has happened in the past year.

Jake took an unlivable house and turned it into a cute, cozy energy efficent first home for us. I am so thankful for Jake and all of the time and energy he put into this house to make it so nice for us.

This house....
Yep, it was hideous.

has had:
-new plumbing
- new siding and shutters
- new roof
-new electrical
-foam insulation
-blow-in insulation
-attic insulation
- new carpet
-refinished floors
-entire new kitchen
-new screened in porch
- new windows
- new paint (the ceiling took 8 coats!)
- lots and lots of yard work
-new  basement playroom
-new appliances
and I am sure there are more things that I am just not thinking of at the moment

Still to do this spring/summer:
- landscaping
- redo front steps

Still to do in the next year or two (or whenever we can get to them...):
- re-do the bathroom
-re-pave driveway
- new shed or garage
-pellet stove insert for the fireplace
- new deck outside of the sliding door

To do in the next 5-7 years (??):
- Adding a second story (or move to a bigger house)

We have lots of plans and ideas for this house. But for now, all of the big projects are done and we are in the process of closing out our building permit!

Since it has been such a slow winter and academy is over, Jake has been home much more and we are finally getting to decorating and hanging pictures! There is still much to do, but it already looks so much better having pictures of my sweet little ones on the walls. We have also been tackling little projects like changing out all of the door knobs and little odds and ends like that.

Since the house is looking more like our home, I will try to clean it up and take some pictures to put up- show you all the real before and after pictures. It has been quite the transformation!

I can not believe that it has almost been a full year since we bought this little house, but we are so thankful to be here. God truly led us to this house and knew that it was the best place for us to be. We could not live in a better neighborhood or have better neighbors and I love that we get to raise the munchkins here! I just can not say enough about this neighborhood :) We are so blessed to live here and this past year has been great. 

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