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Dear Jonah

My Dear Boy,

You are one of the sweetest little boys I know and I just love being your mommy! You are an endless source of entertainment and you are always making everyone laugh. You are so friendly and you love everyone. You are also very helpful and usually a great listener. I love how much you love to snuggle us and I hope that you still let us cuddle you for a long time. You love music and instruments, especially the trumpet and the drums. You are also very artistic and love painting! I can't wait to see what direction you take as you get older. Right now, you seem to be the musical one in the family, which is especially fun for me since I love music too. I am excited to take you out on our date to guitar center to really show you the instruments and let you play some of them. I love spending time with you Jonah. You are such a fun boy and everyone really loves you. You are doing great in school and Miss Amanda loves you to pieces. Unlike your big sister, I think that you are an extrovert. You love making people laugh and like to act silly just to get people to giggle. You are a great brother to both of your sisters. You are very helpful to them and love to play with them. You are definitely all boy as you love to get dirty, dig in the dirt, pick up worms (dead or alive), and you know every single truck and tractor by it's name. You are very good at remembering things like peoples names, what kind of car they drive, and little details about people like the color of their clothes or hair. You want to be a firefighter, just like your daddy, and you love it when daddy brings you to the fire station with him to look at all of the big trucks. You have a sweatshirt that says GAP on the front, and you refuse to admit that it says GAP. You always say that it says "I love you". You love Home Depot and your tools and helping daddy fix up the house. You love food and we constantly find you in the kitchen trying to sneak food. Thankfully, you love your fruits and veggies (sometimes you eat 3 apples a day!) and you call yourself "the salad eater", which you are very proud of.

Jonah, you are such a joy to our family and I am so thankful that you are my one and only little boy!

Thank you for always finding a way to make us laugh and smile each and every day!

I love you little man!

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JennyD said...

bbaaah!! so stinkin' cute. He is going to cry his eyeballs out when he's older! you're such a wonderful mom!! :) keep it up love!!! :)