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Honestly, where does it go?

Do you know what I was doing today? Filling out Lily's kindergarten registration. Yikes! When did my little Lily become big enough to go off to elementary school?

Tomorrow is another reminder of time and how it goes by too quickly.

Tomorrow, Jake and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary!

Our anniversary always brings up some mixed emotions. I feel so blessed and thankful to have spent 6 years married to my best friend. I pray that we will celebrate another 60 anniversaries together. But it also brings back the hard memories of 6 years ago and where our lives were at then- pregnant, super quick wedding, strained family relationships, my entire world flipped upside down.

When our anniversary rolls around, it's hard not to remember those hard times, and I still look back at them with sadness. But I also rejoice for the life that Jake and I have created together. We have gone through a number of really difficult times together, but they have only brought us closer and made our love and marriage stronger. We have a blessed life, and it is only the way it is now because of the trials we went through years ago.

I still can not believe that it was 6 years ago- seems like the blink of an eye.

But I wouldn't change a thing.

I just wish that time would slow down a bit so that the next time I blink, it's not all over. 

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Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary. It goes fast! Your fabulous pictures do a great job of documenting the little moments as they go by, as does your blog. God bless your marraige and may you have those 60 anniversaries!