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Weekend Getaway!

This weekend, Jake and I are getting away.

Without the kids.

That's right. Our first weekend away in over a year!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited? Jake is taking the day off on Friday. Kate gets mommy and daddy all to herself when big brother and big sister are in school. Then, we are OFF! Dropping the kids off at Grandma Jan's (Jonah and Kate), and Grandpa's (Lily). Then Jake and I are off to Vermont for the weekend!

I LOVE that it is super special for the kids too- Jonah and Kate are so excited to spend time with Grandma Jan and Tim and Lily has been talking non-stop about spending time with Mariah. It's so good for them to have special times with other family and friends, not always just mommy and daddy.

Everyone here in the Kreyling house is looking forward to Friday (everyday Lily counts down the days until Friday)!

Can't wait to spend the weekend with this guy!

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