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Random updates

Well, Jake is at academy again tonight. He also has academy for the next 3 Saturdays. Boooo. But he didn't have it last Saturday, so we had a great family day (see previous posts)!

Jake in his brand new gear! His jacket says "Kreyling" on the back!

 We have been extra busy lately now that school has started up. Lily and Jonah have both been loving school so far (and so has mommy!) and this morning I got to spend 2 hours with just my littlest munchkin! It was so good to spend some time with Kate with no other siblings around. She is such a funny, smart and sweet little girl!

Jake has been struggling at work lately. I am not going to go into it much or give any specifics, but please say a prayer for him and his work situation.

Yesterday church started back up in full swing and I finally got my act together and sent Lily and Jonah to Sunday School, which they loved. It was great to be back at church, with the rest of the church body and full choir. The sermon was great too- it was on forgiveness. It brought up some questions that I had about forgiveness and punishment. But Jake and I had a nice talk about it all. Now that school and church are starting back up, I feel more on top of things. We have a schedule, school, activities and church and I feel accomplished getting through the week and making it to everything in our schedule. I feel really good about finally sending Lily and Jonah to Sunday School and finally getting to church every week. Summer months can be so crazy and hectic and we are so off schedule. It is so nice to be back on a schedule.

Now that school has started up again, I am finally getting back into running. I had a great running schedule early in the summer, but once Jake started academy, that all went out the window. But now that the kids are in school in the mornings (Lily M/T/Th/F, Jonah M/W/F), I have time to go running while they are gone. So far I am 2 for 2. Hooray! Hopefully I can keep it up. I still want to get that BOB stroller, since we don't really need the double seat on our Phil and Ted's much anymore. The BOB's are awesome jogging strollers, so solid and sturdy. My birthday is coming up... hint, hint... I've been looking on craigslist for one, and I might snatch one up if I can find a good deal.

Here is a cute picture of my munchkins playing dress up. They are really into being firefighters these days. I wonder why...

Such a cute picture of Lily and Jonah. Don't know why Kate looks so unhappy...

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