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One Week

One week from today we get the keys!

We will be homeowners!

I am so proud of how hard we have worked to save save save. And it has paid off. God has rewarded our hard work. He provided a perfect house for us. Well, it's not perfect yet, but it will be once we are done with it :)

I am also super thankful that God made it so clear to us that this was "the house" for us. Out of all the houses we looked at, we knew that this was the one. Even though at first, we dismissed it because of the outside appearance and its small size. But one week from right now, it will be ours! And that's when the hard work begins- remodeling.

After we close, I will start putting up all of our Before pictures. It is going to be a HUGE transformation. I can. not. wait.

Hooray for one more week of renting!

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stephanie said...

make SURE you take lots of pictures- realtor hanging you your first set of keys, unlocking the door for the first time, first steps over the threshhold- even if you are in grungy sweats with no makeup on like I was! Stephen balked and said it was silly at the time, but now (even though it's only 5 months later) we love looking at those and seeing the insane excitement and uncontrollable smiles on our faces as we walked in for the first time! we're totally going to frame a picture with our first key if we ever move. have FUN and CONGRATS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Little Lornie- your perfect little house sounds like a perfect picture of who WE are before God! 'we might be dismissed by others due to our size or appearance, but know the heart of the home is worth loving and preserving, so the owner pays the necessary price to claim it as His own, and begins the transformation into the amazing person we will become, which often starts with demolition of broken or rotten parts and the rebuilding of stronger parts that have a solid foundation now to hold to so even more can be added on'. May the lessons you learn through this home God has provided be a constant reminder of His love for YOU as a person. Love you little Lornie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was just me Lauren- Gail Salvaotori- I am SOOOOO not good at this new-fangled stuff! Sorry!