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The call. {Our second foster care experience}

Of course the call came when we least expected it. 

It always seems to work that way. 

The call came on Monday. Actually, the email came first. 

"Any interest?" was written in the subject line.

A 12 day old baby boy.

The call came at 3:00.
 Our homestudy was chosen. We were chosen. 

We made an emergency trip to Target (where else?!) to get supplies to get us through the first couple of days: diapers, wipes, formula, some clothes, pacifiers, a baby blanket.

We went to the hospital that night to meet him, to feed him, to learn more about him. 

The next day, after dropping 3 very excited children off with Grandma Jan, we headed to the hospital to bring home our boy. 

It took 2 hours of talking to the doctors, nurses and social workers, signing papers and packing up his things, until we were walking out into the rain, carrying this new little life. 

I whispered to Jake, "They are letting us leave with a baby!"

It has been so surreal to be home with a newborn again. I still can hardly believe it. 

Ever since we started this process, I have wondered what it would feel like taking in someone else's child as my own. Would I feel the way I do about my biological children? Would it feel like babysitting? Would it feel like a burden?

Honestly, I was scared.

I was scared that I wouldn't love them the same as my kids, scared that it would feel like a burden.

With J, I am relieved to say that the past few days have been nothing but a joy.

Aside from some sleep-deprived, middle of the night frustration on night 2, I have been soaking everything in. We never thought we would get a newborn, so it feels like such a gift to be able to experience this stage of life again.

I already love this little guy so much. We all do.

We are fostering to adopt, but with babies, in the beginning, the goal is for them to be reunified with their birth family. It's a long road adopting babies from DCF.

Sadly, I can not tell you if J will be with us forever. We hope that someday he can proudly say he is a Kreyling, but we won't know that for quite a while.

If he does end up leaving us, I know that we will be able to say that we loved him fiercely, prayed over him, read to him and talked to him about Jesus, and that our lives will be better for knowing him.

But for now, he is ours and we couldn't be happier. 

Please join us in welcoming and loving our new little boy.

As Jonah has excitedly been telling everyone, "Come meet my new little brother that we hope to adopt someday!!!"

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