wife to Jake, mommy to my 3 crazy munchkins, Lily (7), Jonah (5.5) and Kate (4). Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.


adoption Q&A

Now that we are getting closer and closer to a placement, I find that I am answering a lot of the same questions, so I thought it would be helpful if I answered some of them for you all. 

Q: International or Domestic adoption?
A: We are adopting through the Department of Children and Families, so our kids will come from right here in Massachusetts. 

Q: What ages/gender/race?
A: We are looking at kids ages 0-5. Race does not matter to us at all, so we are open to anything. As for gender, we just want at least one of them to be a boy :) 

Q: One of them has to be a boy?? Wait, how many kids are you hoping to adopt??
A: We are open to 1-3 kids! We are actually hoping for a sibling group of 2 or 3. We are really feeling called to sibling groups. So often DCF has to break sibling groups up because they can't find families to take them all. So, we are really hoping to be able to keep the siblings together.

DCF has a limit of 6 kids per family, so since we already have 3, we can get up to 3 more.  So, there is a good chance that our family of 5 could soon become a family of 8!

Q: Where are you planning on putting everyone??
A: We currently live in a fairly small ranch on a beautiful corner lot in a fantastic location. We looking into moving, but we kept coming back to the fact that we just love our location too much to move. So, hopefully within a month or two, we will begin construction to add a full second story onto our home. We will also be moving some rooms around on the 1st floor to give us a bigger family room and dining room. It will be our biggest project yet, but the end result will give us 4 bedrooms and a full bath upstairs, and a new living room, new dining room, full bath and one bedroom on the first floor. This, in addition to the 2 rooms in the basement, will give us plenty of space for our growing family.

Q: Do your kids know?
A: Yes! They have been very involved from the beginning. All three of them are so excited about adopting and I know they will be such great big siblings.

Q: You already have 3 kids, why are you adopting?
A: Honestly, we are not adopting for us. We are adopting for them. We are adopting because we have the ability to give these kids a home- to love them, to keep them safe, to give them what they need, to give them a family that loves them unconditionally. We feel that God has called everyone to either 1.) care for these kids in need through adoption or foster care, or 2.) to support the people that are adopting or fostering. We feel led to adopt, so we are following that calling and seeing where it leads us. 

We know this will not be an easy path, but we are so excited to see where it takes us. 


Thoughts on Adoption: pre-placement.

This past week we officially became approved to be a pre-adoptive home.

These are some of my thoughts on our adoption process pre-placement:

Our adoption journey officially started a little over 2 years ago after we found a 2 year old boy wandering alone in a crowded parking lot (read about that here). It was then that we felt a big push from God to get things rolling, so we sent away for the paperwork to get started. 

The paperwork came. And it sat. and sat. and sat.

We were nervous. Scared. Really scared. And life got in the way. 

That paperwork sat for a year in a bright blue folder, tucked away with our weekly grocery ads and take out menus. 

Finally one day, that paperwork was finished and we waited for the next step. 

The first time we met with a social worker, I was so nervous. The house had never looked so clean. 

We were still slightly terrified, but there was also a little bit of excitment starting to brew. 

Months after that first meeting with a worker, we nervously drove to our first training class. 

After 6 long heartbreaking classes, somehow, the excitement was continuing to build. 

All this time, we had been praying. Praying for God to open doors or close doors. Praying for clarity, for patience, for wisdom. Praying for God to show us, tell us, reveal to us whether or not we should continue to pursue this. 

A few months after the classes ended, and we finished another massive mound of paperwork, our homestudy began. Again, I was way more nervous than I needed to be. But all went well. 

After another few months, we got to read that completed homestudy and this past week were approved. 

As difficult as this entire process is, as heartbreaking as it is, as terrifying as it is, somehow our excitement has only grown.

God has shown us through the past 2 years that this is the path we are to take. 

We know that the hardest is yet to come. We know that since we are adopting through foster care, that we could have these kids for weeks, months, maybe even years and that there is a chance that they may not end up with us forever. 

We know that since we are adopting through foster care that it could be years before these kids officially have our last name. 

We know that it won't be easy. 

But it will be worth it.

And now? Now we are on the verge of meeting some very special children. Children that He already knew would be a part of our family since the beginning of time. 

Every day I wake up wondering if it will be the day we get that phone call or that email. Every Day.

It could be Monday or it could be months down the road. 

We are so excited to meet them. Learn about them. Get to know them. Love them.

We are also terrified. 

But  God has changed our hearts so much over the past 2 years and now, what I picture when I picture adopting? 

Right now, I picture these little kids, standing in our doorway for the first time, Jake and I bending down to welcome them to their new home. I picture Lily, Jonah and Kate jumping up and down and squealing with excitement, hugging everyone and wanting to take their new siblings to show them their rooms. I picture Jake and I crying as we look at our new family. 

I know we will be so scared. But the love and excitement we feel for these kids we haven't even met is so much greater than the fear.