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Sunday Best

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My Future Olympian

All of her life, all 5 1/2 years of it, Lily has had endless energy and has been extremely athletic and ahead of the game physically.

She was sitting up at 4 1/2 months.

Standing, while holding on to something at 5 months.

Walking at 10 months.

Climbing the rope ladder at the "Big Kids" playground at 1 1/2.

Riding a bike at 2.

Climbing high trees (well, climbing anything, really) at 3.

Swimming unassisted at 4.

Diving off of the diving board at 4.

Riding a bike with no training wheels at 4.

Doing front flips anywhere she can at 5.

Front flips and back flips off of the diving board at 5.

Lily literally climbs anything. That is not an exaggeration.

She climbs the counter at the library, grocery store, or anywhere there is a counter. She climbs and swings on doors, stairways, doorways, tables, chairs, literally anything she can get her hands on.

She climbed a full size basketball hoop and was hanging off of the top in about 5 seconds. She climbs to the top of the street sign on the corner of our property and hangs off the sign. She can climb all but 2 walls in the rock gym at Gordon and the instructors use her as an example of a good climber to college age students learning how to climb.

She is already trying to do flips over the bar on our swingset (like the gymnasts do on the uneven bars).

About a month ago Lily was using our fence as a balance beam. This to me was most impressive. Our fence is about 4 feet in the air and is only 1 inch wide. She walked along, balancing, for about 8 or 9 feet before getting to the end and grabbing onto the trellis. I honestly could not believe she could do that.

Lately, everywhere we go, at least one person makes a comment about how athletic she is or if she is in gymnastics or how amazing she is!

She did a little dance camp last week and the instructor told me that Lily is so fit and athletic and muscular. She asked me how she got that way and I told her it was just from Lily's everyday play. Her instructor was shocked and could not believe that Lily has never done dance or gymnastics before.
For the past few years, I have had this feeling that Lily's sport is gymnastics. I feel like it is the perfect sport for her- it has enough movement to keep busy and moving for that endless energy she has, but it is structured, which is something she needs. Lily loves dance too, but I don't think she has enough patience for dance. She has the perfect little muscular body- she already looks like a gymnast.

I can not wait to watch the Olympics with her this year. I think it will really inspire her and give her something to work towards. I also think it will result in her attempting many crazy stunts in our backyard and on our swingset.

Everyone has been telling me that I need to get her into gymnastics and believe me I am trying. I honestly believe that if I can get her into gymnastics (why does it have to be so much $$$), that she could be in the Olympics one day. I truly believe that.

Hopefully, after talking with some grandparents, Lily will be starting gymnastics in the fall!
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