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Back to reality

We are back!

We had an awesome vacation and all of us are mourning the fact that it is over. Jake and I agreed that this was the best vacation yet. The kids had a blast the whole time, and so did Jake and I.

We packed a TON into the week and had so much fun! We went to the beach almost every day, we went to the aquarium twice (where Jonah fell into the touch tank....), we visited 3 lighthouses (Jake and Lily climbed to the top of the Hatteras lighthouse, the biggest one!), we went on tons of beautiful hikes, we went to Jockey's Ridge and climbed the sand dunes (according to the kids, it felt like we were in the desert!), we played at the playgrounds, we went out to lots of new restaurants, we went out to ice cream, we played in the hot tub (the kids' new favorite thing to do), we visited Aunt Beth, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jordan, Great- Grandma, and cousins David and Reign (it was SO fun to see the cousins playing together- between all 5 kids we had ages 1,2,3,4 and 5!) , we went to the arboretum, to the Elizabethan Gardens, we went to the Wright Brothers memorial (where we got to build our own kite and fly it), we took a ferry ride to Ocracoke Island, we tried fishing for the first time (and caught a crab!), the kids became Jr. Park rangers and each earned a badge and a patch,  we took over 700 pictures (which I still need to finish editing so I will only put up a few on this post), and we had a GREAT vacation!

We even had a fairly pleasant drive there and back, even though the rides were long, especially the ride home. We left at 4am and got home at 4:30pm. We made great time, but still, a long ride in the car! But, overall the kids were great. I worked really hard putting together fun things for them to do in the car, to make the drive fun and enjoyable. And for the most part, it was fun and enjoyable.

We are already talking about going back and what we will do next time :)

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow as Kate goes in for her EEG and her MRI is on Monday. 

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Well, it's finally here. The night before vacation. Usually the time leading up to vacation drags, but this time it flew by. I am sitting for, I think, the first time today after doing 5 loads of laundry, packing, packing and more packing, cleaning, organizing and more cleaning. Oh, and caring for my 3 kids plus Mason. It's been a busy day to say the least.

But tomorrow morning, around 6:30, we are taking off! Our first stop is Maryland to visit family. We will be there Thursday and Friday. It will be so fun to see our family and to see the cousins playing together!

Saturday morning we are off again to Nags Head, NC where our huge rental house is waiting for us! Then begins a week of fun at the beach, lighthouses, hikes, aquarium, restaurants, hot tub, ferry, and so much more. All 5 of us are psyched for vacation and I think what's making it even more fun is that the kids are old enough to understand what we are doing and have so much to look forward to. We haven't taken a vacation in 2 years, so on our last vacation, Lily was 3, Jonah 1 and Kate 5ish months. They were too little to really understand what vacation is. This time is different and we have all been counting down the days until we leave!

We went to the Outer Banks 3 years ago, when Lily was 2 and Jonah not quite 1. I was actually pregnant with Kate on that vacation but didn't know it  yet!  It was the best vacation we have ever taken, so we are thrilled to be going back.

Just a few of my favorite pics from our first Outer Banks vacation:

Prepare yourselves for a serious picture overload when we get back!

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Easter was great this year. The kids are getting a bit older and are able to understand things a little better. We talked a lot about why Easter is important. We did our first egg hunt, which the kids loved. We saw family and went to church. We ate a great meal. It was a great day.

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Kate update

Just a quick update on Kate:

We had our GI appointment and that went very well. They all seem to view Kate as a bit of a mystery. They all are just as interested in figuring this thing out as our neurologist! They agreed 100% that Kate should get an MRI and EEG, both of which are already scheduled in just a couple of weeks.  They also gave me Kate's lab sheet so that the next time she has an episode, I can high-tail it to the hospital to get it done ASAP. I am very grateful that they did that because I wasn't really sure about how to go about getting that lab work done, so they really helped me out!

We are leaving for vacation Thursday morning (YAY!) and will be gone 10 days. Once we get back, Kate has 4 appointments in 2 1/2 weeks. She has the EEG just 2 days after we get back, then the MRI a few days later and 2 follow up appointments the week after that (one for GI and one for neurology). All of these visits sure are keeping us busy, but at the same time I am so glad that they are trying to figure out what's going on and are taking good care of my Kate.

Please pray for us, that Kate's scans come back normal and that everything goes smoothly. I am feeling okay about the MRI, but am nervous about the EEG since I just found out that Kate needs to fall asleep during the test. I have a feeling that it may not go too well.

Thanks for the prayers!

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