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One of those days...

Today was just one of those days. One little annoying thing after another to make one big annoying day.

The morning started out fine, we actually made it to Lily's school a bit earlier than usual. Molly was with us today, which was fine. She is a big fan of asking the same questions over and over even though she either already knows the answer to or I already answered her the first time. Not a big deal, but I guess when you have 3 other kids also doing the same thing, it gets old pretty quick.

Then it was time to load up the three kids for Kate's 18 month check up (by the way, she is 22 pounds!). It is NEVER easy bringing 3 kids to the doctor. We were actually on time, but going along with today's theme of being annoying, there were no open parking spots near the office. Bummer. Then we have to wait 30 minutes to be seen. We see the nurse for about 4 minutes. Then wait another 20 minutes for the doc to come in. Finally he comes in, after Jonah practically destroys the room, and takes a look at Kate, which lasts, what, like 5 minutes? Meanwhile Jonah is pretending to be a cat (not unusual for him) and is "meowing" rather loudly. Then he walks right up to our family practice doctor and LICKS his leg. Doctor T. had a nice big wet spot on his fancy pants. Awesome. So, appointment's finally over, we are trying to leave, I get the usual "You've got your hands full!", and we load back into the car, 1.5 hours later! For seeing the doctor for 5 minutes. Ugh.

We get home, eat a quick lunch, get back in the car and pick Lily up from school. Anytime Lily and Jonah are sitting in the last row of the van together, they fight constantly. So, the 5 minute ride back home was filled with screaming and crying.

Finally home for good and Kate and Molly go down for naps. Hooray! But it was yet another gross, cold, rainy day here in Boston so the kids were cooped up inside. I did get a little break while Lily and Jonah watched Veggietales, which was nice, but also made me super tired. I guess the afternoon was okay, the kids were really hyper and crazy since they couldn't go outside. Then, Jake got home late for dinner because he was having the plumbing looked at over at the new house. Parts of it need to be fixed. It wasn't done quite right. Another minor bummer. My night ended with a nice head butt in the eye from Jonah while putting him to bed. An accident of course, but still really painful!

So, nothing terrible happened today, it was just a lot of little annoying things that build and build. Let's just say I am really glad that the kids are in bed and there is no noise coming from the baby monitor!

My 18 month old girl

I sure wish she would stop growing so fast!

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Kitchen pics and update!

These pictures are a few days old, but blogger wouldn't let me post pictures :( At least it's working now!

Cabinets are in! The empty space on the right is for the dishwasher.

Still very unfinished here, but at least most of them are in!

Here it is even more finished- most of the counter tops are in plus the sink, stove, microwave and light.

As of late this morning, our kitchen is DONE! All cabinets are hung, all appliances are in and working, and all counter tops are on! It is still a bit of a mess (tools and dust all over), but the next time I get over there I'll take some more pictures. It looks great. Time to start packing up our current kitchen and getting things set up in the new one :)

Update on the rest of the house:

Almost everything on the inside is done! All that is left is to finish the trim on the windows in the living room and 2 of the windows in our room and the bathroom.  Jake and Pappa are working on setting up the new washer and dryer right now, so hopefully (fingers crossed!) that will be done by the end of the day.

My sister in law Mariah came yesterday to watch the kids so that we could pack up most of the house and bring it over. We got a lot done! I also got the kids' rooms unpacked and set up, except for the things we are currently still using here at the apartment. We even got their curtains up yesterday, so their rooms look really cute :) I'll take some pictures of the bedrooms too, since they are mostly done.

We were going to move in completely today, but since the plumbing wasn't totally finished, we decided to postpone moving for a few days. So, sometime this week we will be in, Saturday at the latest. Our apartment is looking rather bare, and I will admit that I am sad about leaving. Moving is definitely the right thing to do, but we have so many memories in this little house. All 3 kids were born here, and since Kate started walking a few weeks ago, I can say that all 3 took their first steps here. So many firsts. We moved in here 2 weeks before Lily was born. This apartment has given me many headaches and frustrations, but it has also been such a blessing to us. We were able to save so much money by living here and working off our rent. We were able to pay off all our debt, and then start saving for our house. We were able to put down a 10% down payment and also still have enough left to spend $20 thousand + to fix up the house. We are so thankful for the opportunity to live here, but it is time to move on. And we will be doing just that in a few days :)

Stay tuned for more pictures!

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Our cabinets finally arrived! Hip hip hooray!

Last weekend was spent installing them. The kitchen is not quite done yet. One more little cabinet to be installed, fridge and dishwasher need to be put in, and the butcher block (awesome, right?!) counter top needs to be installed.

But it finally looks like a kitchen! A messy one, but it's still our kitchen :)

Grrrr, blogger won't let me upload any pictures for the last 2 days. I'll try to post them soon- whenever it lets me!

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A post NOT involving the house!

I realized that all of my blogging has been about the house and I haven't written anything about the kids lately.

Lily is 4 1/2 (she will not let you say "4", it must include the "1/2") going on 16. Oh my. That little girl has been giving me some headaches lately. She's got some serious attitude going on. I mean, she does the hands on the hips, pouty lips, squinty eyes, angry voice, anytime she hears the word "no".  I talked with her teacher and figured out that she is definitely going through some big transitions right now, the move being a big one. So, thanks to Miss. Emily and her suggestions, we have created a moving countdown calendar for Lily, so that she can visually see the days going by and how many days are left until we move. She has loved checking off each day and counting the days left.  We also re instituted 123 magic. She's been doing great (although today was a rough day with her...) and she has already earned her 10 stars! Unless she changes her mind, we will soon all be headed out to ice cream together as a family :)

Jonah is turning 3 in just a couple of weeks! I have been enjoying my little boy SO much lately. Yes, he of course has his tantrums, but nothing too bad. He has been so funny lately. He loves to pretend that he is different things, usually animals, but sometimes he pretends to be a digger or a backhoe or loader. His favorite is to be a "baby kitty" and he walks around meowing. He turns everything into something "kitty": He has his "sister kitties", "kitty snack", "kitty diaper" and so on. That kid has such a great imagination. I love it. He has also been my little helper lately. Every time I am in the kitchen making a meal or snack or doing the dishes, he brings his little chair over and says "I can help you!" and just stands there, waiting for me to give him a task. He is just so happy to stand there and help me. I love that little guy :)
Kate is almost 18 months old! Where did my little baby go?? The big thing with her this past week is that she is finally walking!! She looks like a little zombie, but is SO cute. I love that little munchkin. She has such a little personality. She definitely lets you know if she doesn't like something! And she is learning how to stand up for herself with 2 big siblings. But she can also be very sweet and loving. If Lily or Jonah is crying, she will go right over to them and give hugs and kisses and pats on the back. It is just precious. Watch this video!

Things are going well with the kiddos- they are excited to get into the new house!

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10 days

Move-in day is right around the corner.

10 days away.

The bedrooms are finished, except for window trim, but that's not on the list of high priorities right now. It will get done soon, but probably not until after we move in sometime.

Not the best picture but I wanted to show off the new ceiling fans Jake put up the other day :)

Since the bedrooms are done, we have started moving things in! Mostly books and lots of the kids' things. But it's exciting to see parts of the house finished and see our own things in being set up!

I decided that Kate is going to be in the "Oh Bother Blue" room for now. She needs her own room the most right now, being the littlest, so for now, Jonah and Lily will share the "Barely Pink" room.

Our new kitchen cabinets are being installed on Saturday! I can not wait to see what the kitchen will look like after they are in.

Electrical work is getting done- most of the outlets and light switches are in and complete, just not turned on yet. Most of the light fixtures are in already too. All that's let to put up are the pendant lights in the kitchen and the light in the dining room.

Jake has also started the siding, which looks great. Another little glimpse of what the house will look like once it's done :)

The chunk missing on the bottom of the siding will be fixed after the electrical company comes to switch over the service.

Things are really coming together, more and more every day! Jake is over there right now working on the window trim in the kitchen :)

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Alright, I need some help from all of you.

I got this idea tonight.

I would LOVE to make something that my kids can read to encourage them, build them up, remind them how much God loves them and how much Jake and I love them. I am not sure what form it will take yet- plaques/posters/painting or just something directly on the walls.

I want inspirational bible verses that they can look at and think of God's love. How God formed them each individually and that they are a part of the Kingdom of God. That HE loves them and will always love them.

I want something that will lift their spirits when they are feeling down.

I want something that will help them to feel confident: Phil. 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength", or something similar.

I want something to remind them that they are beautiful and unique and made in God's image.

I didn't have the best self image/self confidence growing up. I want my kids to be confident and secure in who they are and what they believe. I know they are still just babies, but I think that having some encouraging sayings and bible verses they can always look at will be a comfort to them and a constant reminder of some of the things that are most important in life: God and family and the love that overflows for them.

So, getting to the point, I would love to hear some ideas of encouraging bible verses and/or sayings/quotes that you have! I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head, but I am not always the best at getting them into words or getting directly to the point (hence my many rambling blog posts!).

I am really excited about this new project and I can't wait to hear what ideas you have!

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 The carpet is in! It looks awesome. The pictures really don't do it justice- it looks about a hundred times better in person. (Sorry, I couldn't seem to get a good picture of the carpet in any of the bedrooms)

Jonah's "Oh Bother Blue" room :)

Lily and Kate's "Barely Pink" room

note the new windows too :)
The trim on the windows still needs to go back on, but that is a minor detail that will be completed whenever we get a chance. There are more important things to work on right now :)

And Jake is putting in our new kitchen floor tonight! I'll try to go over tomorrow and take a picture of it.

 I was also able to go over on Saturday and paint the kitchen. The color looks great, but the kitchen still looks pretty funny since we didn't paint where the cabinets will go, so it looks very unfinished. But, at least there is color!

not a great picture of the paint, but it will be a good "before"picture.

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