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The pink stuff...

insulation, that is.

The past couple of days Jake has been putting in all of the new windows (which are ALL in as of this afternoon- woohoo!)

Along with all of the windows, Jake has been putting on the nice pink insulation. He just has to put the insulation on the back of the house, and then the new siding can go on!

The blown-in insulation was done on Monday, the carpet is being installed this Monday, new cabinets come a week from Monday (lots of things happening on Mondays!). Then all of the big stuff is done done done!

Hip Hip Hooray!

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I have to say, once again, that I am SO incredibly proud of Jacob. I can not believe all of the work he is doing on our house. It's amazing. The only thing that we are hiring someone for is the blown in insulation, which I don't even think is possible to do yourself. Oh, and we are getting the carpet installed by the home depot guys, but that's because installation is free :)

Last night and today Jake was working on re-finishing the hardwood floors. And they look AMAZING! He still has two more coats of... I don't remember what it's called, but it makes the floors shiny and beautiful and it also protects them from scratches and whatnot.

I don't have a good before picture but here is a picture of the floor with the first coat:

Doesn't it look great?!

I'll put up another pic once it's completely done.

On the agenda this week:
- start replacing all the windows!
- get the kitchen primed and painted
- clean up the bathroom and install new vanity, mirror, toilet, faucets
- blown-in insulation
- start putting up the new siding
- keep chugging away at electrical work (which is making great progress- thanks Pappa!)

Move in day is in less than a month! Guess I better start packing, seeing that I have packed a total of 3 1/2 boxes so far....

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Tomorrow is Jake's first day back to work since we bought the house on March 31st. I think he is pretty bummed that he will be losing 8 hours a day to work on the house. There are still a couple major projects that need to be worked on: the siding, kitchen (that's last), insulation, and windows. Jake installed the first new window on Friday (it looks awesome, by the way!) AND he installed our new sliding door!

Our new backdoor and new window. There was no window there before, so Jake had to take down the interior wall (to also widen the doorway) and cut out a spot for the window. I am so glad we decided to put a window there, it looks great!

Another shot of the new backdoor and window in the kitchen. Didn't he do a great job?!
Before the sliding door:

After sliding door:

Yay! Doesn't it look SO much better? I love it. And the slider has blinds that are built in between the glass so I don't have to clean them and the kids won't destroy them! Hooray!

Jake is painting Jonah's room right now, so that means that all rooms, except the kitchen, are done! Carpet should be installed, in bedrooms only, by the end of the week. Jake is planning on refinished the hardwood floors (living room, dining area, and hallway) this week, and I think that the blown-in insulation is getting done this week too!

It is amazing to see so much getting done. Our to-do list is getting much smaller and the finished product is in sight! The inside of the house will be done SO soon, it's beyond exciting! The kitchen won't be done until the first or second week in May when our cabinets arrive.

Jonah boy "helping". AKA, getting in the way and touching everything!

 I am so impressed with my hubby- he is amazing :)

There's my handyman :)
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ps: I am planning on taking an "after" picture just like this, to compare, since it's not even going to look like the same house when we are done (thank goodness!).
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"Before" pics: Inside- living room/kitchen

Well, we have been beyond busy working at the house. Lots has been accomplished and there is still a lot left to do.

 Yesterday, Jake finished re-roofing our house! It looks awesome. I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet, but I will eventually. The electrical work is making great progress. All rooms except Jonah's have been primed, the ceilings have all been painted, Jake started painting the bathroom and the girls room today! I am SO excited to finally see nice clean color on the walls!! Once the rooms are painted, we can get the carpet installed in the bedrooms and the hardwood refinished in the living room/dining area and hallway.

Also, this weekend, I got to go over to the house and work on the yard! It was awesome.

So, here are "before" pictures of the living room/dining area and kitchen.

Living room. Front door. Part of the "dining" area

The NASTY wall in the living room. You can see where they had all their pictures- that's how dirty all the walls and ceilings are (it's from a bad furnace, not smoke)

Entry into the kitchen (which has been completely gutted)



Dining area. We were going to remove the window, but found some termite damage right underneath the window, so we decided to put in a sliding door. It worked out well because we were thinking of putting one in anyway and we will be putting in a deck or patio right outside of the sliding doors :)

Front door and entry closet

Another view of living room

View of living room from standing near the front door. I LOVE the fireplace and built in bookshelves!

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The Ugly Duckling

I like to think of our house as the "Ugly Duckling".  It is definitely the most unattractive house on the street. But, it has lots and lots of potential. Usually I have a hard time seeing past the ugliness and seeing that potential, but with this house, I can easily see how great it will be once we are done :)

And now....

the beginning of the "Before" pictures.  Today will be just of the outside.

There it is! Our Ugly Duckling :) 
(In a few feet of snow!)

The back

No we will not be keeping the lovely mustard yellow siding and orange shutters :)

Part of the back

Already the big tree on the left is gone as well at the pine tree you can see in the top right. We will be adding a new roof, new siding, new windows, new front and back door/screens, a sliding door going out onto a deck/patio area (that will be in the side yard), and a fence. It is going to look drastically different!

The side yard. We are going to fence in the back and side, so it will kind of look like an "L" once it's fenced. The big window on the left is going to become a sliding door and we will be in putting a deck/patio.

 Well,  there you have it. A lot of progress has been made in just a few short days. I'll be putting up inside "before" picture when I have time this week :) 

Also, we have been meeting some of our neighbors, and they have all been SO nice! Such a blessing!

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