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More answered prayers

Things with the house are going well.

P&S signed. Loan granted. Now we wait for March 31st and hope there are no big hiccups along the way!

Planning is going well. Our kitchen is designed, paint colors picked out. We are currently picking siding and windows. Fun stuff!

It turns out that after we move, I will still be able to watch Mason and Molly, which is such a blessing! It will be a huge help each month with all these new expenses we are acquiring! That is definitely an answer to prayer.

 We received another answer to prayer today too! Right now our living situation revolves around us being caretakers. Once we move, some, if not all, of our caretaker responsibilities will no longer exist. Well, since we were planning on moving before graduation (busy busy time of year), that was creating a few problems, like who would take over my job until the end of the year? Would Jake still be able to do the landscaping for the graduation/end of the year events? With all the questions in the air, they decided that they want us to stay here until graduation so we can finish out the year. So, they are not going to charge us rent to stay until graduation.

That means that we won't have to pay for rent and a mortgage at the same time, which obviously is awesome. It also means that Jake will have a lot more time to work on the house before we move in. Now, even though this is good news and an answer to prayer, I still have mixed feelings about it. I am so psyched to move. I want to get into our house ASAP. I am also SO excited to be done with my caretaker position of cleaning the guest suites. I was really excited that March was going to be my last month of that. Now I have to go through the middle of May :( Bummer.

Lily still won't be able to go to kindergarten next year, which I am SO bummed about. She misses the cut off by one day. Stinkin' state law... 
But the school told us about town preschool at another elementary school about a mile down the road. So we are looking into that if she doesn't get the scholarship to go back to the seminary preschool. We'll see what happens! 

By the way, I am so ready for spring. It needs to come ASAP.  

Kate- 15 months!
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So I am going to go ahead and say that the majority of my posts from now on are going to involve our new house. I apologize. But it's what is going to be taking up lots and lots of our time and money and thoughts.

On that note: we had the inspection yesterday and it went very well. We discovered a few things that are making us change our renovation plans, in a good way. Less to do right off the bat. Which is awesome.

Right now we are researching siding, insulation, kitchens, appliances, paint, hot water heaters, roofs and furnaces. Hmmm, did I forget anything? I hope not- that's a BIG list! I will admit that I am not really doing much of the research, Jake is. He's really good at it. I have had my mind on all of the little things like paint colors, arragement of furniture, decorating kids' rooms, and organzing.

There are so many things I am super excited about! A few of those things include:
- a dishwasher
- my own washer and dryer
- a closet in the bathroom!
- a laundry chute
- a fireplace
- pre-k soccer for Lily at the school 1 block away
- a bathtub!

I could seriously go on and on about the things I am psyched about. I know that it is going to be a lot of work fixing up this house, but I know it is going to be SO worth it! 

Closing date: March 31st- can't wait!

Is it too soon to start packing?  :)

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We got it!

Our offer was accepted!

Assuming all goes well, which it should, the house will be ours at the end of next month!

The inspection is tomorrow afternoon. We are already in full swing, figuring out all the work that we need to do, the things we need to buy, how much it's all going to cost and so on. Jake has been doing research like crazy. We already have the kitchen all planned out (along with our new appliances, including a dishwasher!!! I can't wait!) Jake is taking care of planning and researching everything regarding fixing up the house, while I am thinking more about where things will go, what colors the rooms should be, things like that.

Now, this is our first house, and I will admit that I am kind of clueless when it comes to decorating and picking colors and whatnot. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it!

And so our adventure begins :)

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By 6:00 tonight, we will know if we get the house or not!

Thanks for all the prayers!

I'll keep you posted :)

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I am learning that if you are in the market for a house, things can happen fast. Really, really fast.

Jake and I aren't used to that. We are planners. We are researchers (okay, Jake is). We like to think about things, looks them over, research a lot, pray, and then come to a decision.

It doesn't really work like that when you are searching for a house. You could be waiting and waiting (like we have been), with no good houses coming on the market. Then one day, a house comes up on your listing. It looks kind of interesting. You do a drive-by. It looks okay, but you're not too sure. An hour later your realtor calls and says "Have you seen this house?! You need to go look at it now!" Okay, Okay. A few hours later (after some great outlet shopping in Kittery) you go look at the house. It is small and needs a lot of TLC (cosmetics) but its an awesome neighborhood. You can see the elementary school from the house. It's a great corner lot. It's in the exact neighborhood that you have been wanting. The house has lots of potential. Your realtor says this house will go fast, within 48-72 hours. Whoa. What to do?

Well, the house is in your price range. Low enough that you don't have to borrow the full amount you are pre-qualified for (awesome, right?!) and you would have enough savings left over to do the work that needs to be done (including a new kitchen with new appliances! Yay!). What to do?

Put in an offer. That night.

Real Estate can be crazy fast sometimes. But that's exactly what happened to us yesterday! And, we will find out sometime today, before 5pm, if our offer is accepted! This house is not a short sale, which is AWESOME, but it's moving so fast because it's an estate sale, which means that grandma died and the family just wants to get rid of it.

The house itself, the shell, is in great shape. Best one we've seen so far. The inside needs help. Take down wallpaper, paint, new windows, new kitchen, refinish floors, new electrical (SO thankful my father in law in a master electrician!), eventually a new roof. Thankfully this is all work that Jake knows how to do himself :) I love having such a handy man for a husband! And we are already talking about putting a second story on it in a few years, after we can save some $$$.

SO, we will find out today what's going to happen! It's all happening SO fast! We would be closing in just over a month- how crazy is that?! We would appreciate your prayers! If it doesn't work out, we know that God has something else in store for us, but if it does work out, then we are starting quite an adventure! 

I'll keep you posted :) 

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Cupcake fun!

 In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to bake something with the kids. When I saw these heart shaped tins, I thought cupcakes would be perfect.

Lily and Jonah "helped" me bake. Obviously, their favorite part was licking the beaters :)

 They looked so cute when they came out of the oven!

 Topped with homemade pink frosting. Delicious!
 The finished product! They look good, but they tasted even better!

 Truly a day of love: an entire counter filled with cards and treats from friends and family :)
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Answered prayers

 God has definitely answered my prayers. We are searching for a house and I wanted to get some sort of job to help bring in some extra money, but I wasn't sure what kind of job I could get or how that would mesh with our schedule and my husband's job. I had mixed feelings about the whole thing and wasn't sure what to do.

But God answered our prayers and provided 2 different opportunities for me to bring in some extra money. I am now watching 8 month old Mason on Wednesdays and 2 1/2 year old Molly on Mondays and Thursdays. So far, it has worked out really well. M&M fit right in and play well with my kids. It's great because I still have my evenings free. And the best part is, I get paid to do what I'm already doing everyday- playing with my kids! And it will bring in an extra $700 a month! I love seeing our down payment GROW! Thank you God for providing these opportunities!

Jonah, 2 1/2
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Enough snow already!

This snow is getting a little ridiculous. We have had at least one BIG snowstorm every week since Christmas. I probably wouldn't think it was a big deal except that my husband is one of 2 in charge of all snow and ice related issues for the whole campus. When it snows, he is the first or second one to go in, no matter what time it is, not to mention snow prep and salting most evenings when everything freezes again. He has been working CRAZY overtime for the past 5 weeks- 70-80 hours weeks.

Now, I am SO grateful for all the $$$ he is making. Payday for all his overtime in January is on the 15th, and I will just say that with his overtime, plus our tax money we have coming, we will be able to add a TON to our down payment savings, which is awesome! So, I am not ungrateful for all this work he is doing, but it just sucks having him gone all the time.

Speaking of down payment, we are still searching for a house. We have a couple that we really like, but are a bit out of our range. So for now, we are keeping our eyes on them, seeing if the price drops at all, and putting any extra money into our ING down payment savings account. God has something in store for us, we are just trying to be patient! It sure is hard to be patient though... I can't wait to have a house with space, and a yard! And a laundry room! And one or two more bedrooms! One thing I am most excited about when we do have a house, is to have a room just for the adults. Right now, every room (all 3 of them!) has kids stuff in it. You have to go through my room to get to the kids room, so obviously, we have kids tromping around and getting into our things all the time. I can't wait to have my own room that I can decorate and not have to baby proof and can lock the door and just sit in the quiet. Our room will be off limits to the kids. Jake and I need a space that is just ours. The kids can take over the rest of the house! Ahhh, that will be so nice.

Anyway, we are snowed in right now, daddy is out plowing, I am waiting for Kate to fall asleep, Lily, Jonah and I are watching The Little Mermaid. Hopefully Jonah will actually take a nap in a little bit. Daddy told him that if he slept, he would take him for a ride in the loader! Jonah is very excited about that, but somehow it's still not enough to make him sleep....

Sweetest little face.

The kids having TONS of fun with sledding with Daddy last weekend!

Yes, those are bikes. All you can see: a little bit of the handlebars and the seat. We are a lot of snow here in Boston!
Happy Snow Day everyone!
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