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My sick boy

Yesterday Jonah was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

I am thankful to finally have an answer.

He has had a mysterious rash for 2 months.

I had talked to the doctors 4 times about it and seen them 3 times. The first time they said it was a "summer virus". The second time it was poison ivy (or something similar), which he actually did have, on top of the Lyme disease, and the third time, they just didn't know, so they sent us to a dermatologist (guess I can cancel that appointment). The 4th time was when I brought up the possibility of it being the Lyme, and said I wanted him tested for it. 5 vials of blood (and lots of crying) and 2 days later we find it is, in fact, Lyme disease.

Poor Jonah has been very itchy, achy, and whiny for most of the summer, and now we know why. Thankfully he never got a fever or flu-like symptoms with it. But the doctor did say that his Lyme test did come back strong.

Please keep out little guy in your prayers- that the medication does it's job and gets rid of this disease, that Jonah continues to enjoy taking his medicine, that the medicine starts working quickly so my little guy can have some relief.
Such a sweet little guy :)

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