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My Blessings

I am approached basically wherever I go, by people, usually older women, that feel the need to make comments about me and my kids. I constantly hear phrases like, " Are all of those kids yours?!", "How old are you??", "You are done having kids right?" or " You must be busy!" All of these comments are not said in a nice tone either.

Yes, I am aware that I look very young for my age and do not look like the 25 year old woman, mother and wife that I am. I am also aware that I have 3 kids (and 3 is NOT that many!!) that are all very close in age. I am also very much aware that my 3 kids, that are very close in age, are a hand full and are known, on occasion, to drive me a bit crazy.


Yes, my kids can be a bit crazy sometimes. But they are MY kids. They are children of God. They are blessings. Gifts from God.

I am tired of people looking at me and my kids and thinking of them only as a handful, making my life difficult. People should look at them as a blessing. Because that's what they are. When all 3 are screaming and crying and need a million different things at once, it is easy to forget what a blessing they are. It is something I need to remember and think about more often as well.

I LOVE my three little munchkins and I am so thankful that God has entrusted Jake and I with their lives. They are vibrant, lively, passionate, wonderful, sweet, and beautiful little kids. They may have a hard time listening sometimes, but they sure know how to have fun and live :)

The next time someone stops me, which will probably be tomorrow when we go out shopping, I will stand up tall and proudly say that my kids may be a handful, but I am thankful for every second with my three little blessings.

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Miranda said...

I have the same problem. You know what I've noticed? It's almost always by older women or women who only have one child. After a while I started to write it off as people bitter with their own situations and lives. Because really, who else would be so rude to a complete stranger? It's still annoying, but I find it gets to me less if I remind myself of that every time it happens. If my husband is with me he loves to pop off with "she's 14 AND we have 3 more at home!" they either start laughing or storm off. Either way, a funny way to get them to back off. ;)

Mama B said...

I love this post Lauren!