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A post NOT involving the house!

I realized that all of my blogging has been about the house and I haven't written anything about the kids lately.

Lily is 4 1/2 (she will not let you say "4", it must include the "1/2") going on 16. Oh my. That little girl has been giving me some headaches lately. She's got some serious attitude going on. I mean, she does the hands on the hips, pouty lips, squinty eyes, angry voice, anytime she hears the word "no".  I talked with her teacher and figured out that she is definitely going through some big transitions right now, the move being a big one. So, thanks to Miss. Emily and her suggestions, we have created a moving countdown calendar for Lily, so that she can visually see the days going by and how many days are left until we move. She has loved checking off each day and counting the days left.  We also re instituted 123 magic. She's been doing great (although today was a rough day with her...) and she has already earned her 10 stars! Unless she changes her mind, we will soon all be headed out to ice cream together as a family :)

Jonah is turning 3 in just a couple of weeks! I have been enjoying my little boy SO much lately. Yes, he of course has his tantrums, but nothing too bad. He has been so funny lately. He loves to pretend that he is different things, usually animals, but sometimes he pretends to be a digger or a backhoe or loader. His favorite is to be a "baby kitty" and he walks around meowing. He turns everything into something "kitty": He has his "sister kitties", "kitty snack", "kitty diaper" and so on. That kid has such a great imagination. I love it. He has also been my little helper lately. Every time I am in the kitchen making a meal or snack or doing the dishes, he brings his little chair over and says "I can help you!" and just stands there, waiting for me to give him a task. He is just so happy to stand there and help me. I love that little guy :)
Kate is almost 18 months old! Where did my little baby go?? The big thing with her this past week is that she is finally walking!! She looks like a little zombie, but is SO cute. I love that little munchkin. She has such a little personality. She definitely lets you know if she doesn't like something! And she is learning how to stand up for herself with 2 big siblings. But she can also be very sweet and loving. If Lily or Jonah is crying, she will go right over to them and give hugs and kisses and pats on the back. It is just precious. Watch this video!

Things are going well with the kiddos- they are excited to get into the new house!

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Miranda said...

I know how you feel, my oldest is 5 going on 15, our middle child is about to be 4, and my youngest is 19 months..it doesn't seem like they should be so big already! Good luck with the move. :)