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One of those days...

Today was just one of those days. One little annoying thing after another to make one big annoying day.

The morning started out fine, we actually made it to Lily's school a bit earlier than usual. Molly was with us today, which was fine. She is a big fan of asking the same questions over and over even though she either already knows the answer to or I already answered her the first time. Not a big deal, but I guess when you have 3 other kids also doing the same thing, it gets old pretty quick.

Then it was time to load up the three kids for Kate's 18 month check up (by the way, she is 22 pounds!). It is NEVER easy bringing 3 kids to the doctor. We were actually on time, but going along with today's theme of being annoying, there were no open parking spots near the office. Bummer. Then we have to wait 30 minutes to be seen. We see the nurse for about 4 minutes. Then wait another 20 minutes for the doc to come in. Finally he comes in, after Jonah practically destroys the room, and takes a look at Kate, which lasts, what, like 5 minutes? Meanwhile Jonah is pretending to be a cat (not unusual for him) and is "meowing" rather loudly. Then he walks right up to our family practice doctor and LICKS his leg. Doctor T. had a nice big wet spot on his fancy pants. Awesome. So, appointment's finally over, we are trying to leave, I get the usual "You've got your hands full!", and we load back into the car, 1.5 hours later! For seeing the doctor for 5 minutes. Ugh.

We get home, eat a quick lunch, get back in the car and pick Lily up from school. Anytime Lily and Jonah are sitting in the last row of the van together, they fight constantly. So, the 5 minute ride back home was filled with screaming and crying.

Finally home for good and Kate and Molly go down for naps. Hooray! But it was yet another gross, cold, rainy day here in Boston so the kids were cooped up inside. I did get a little break while Lily and Jonah watched Veggietales, which was nice, but also made me super tired. I guess the afternoon was okay, the kids were really hyper and crazy since they couldn't go outside. Then, Jake got home late for dinner because he was having the plumbing looked at over at the new house. Parts of it need to be fixed. It wasn't done quite right. Another minor bummer. My night ended with a nice head butt in the eye from Jonah while putting him to bed. An accident of course, but still really painful!

So, nothing terrible happened today, it was just a lot of little annoying things that build and build. Let's just say I am really glad that the kids are in bed and there is no noise coming from the baby monitor!

My 18 month old girl

I sure wish she would stop growing so fast!

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