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10 days

Move-in day is right around the corner.

10 days away.

The bedrooms are finished, except for window trim, but that's not on the list of high priorities right now. It will get done soon, but probably not until after we move in sometime.

Not the best picture but I wanted to show off the new ceiling fans Jake put up the other day :)

Since the bedrooms are done, we have started moving things in! Mostly books and lots of the kids' things. But it's exciting to see parts of the house finished and see our own things in being set up!

I decided that Kate is going to be in the "Oh Bother Blue" room for now. She needs her own room the most right now, being the littlest, so for now, Jonah and Lily will share the "Barely Pink" room.

Our new kitchen cabinets are being installed on Saturday! I can not wait to see what the kitchen will look like after they are in.

Electrical work is getting done- most of the outlets and light switches are in and complete, just not turned on yet. Most of the light fixtures are in already too. All that's let to put up are the pendant lights in the kitchen and the light in the dining room.

Jake has also started the siding, which looks great. Another little glimpse of what the house will look like once it's done :)

The chunk missing on the bottom of the siding will be fixed after the electrical company comes to switch over the service.

Things are really coming together, more and more every day! Jake is over there right now working on the window trim in the kitchen :)

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