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The Ugly Duckling

I like to think of our house as the "Ugly Duckling".  It is definitely the most unattractive house on the street. But, it has lots and lots of potential. Usually I have a hard time seeing past the ugliness and seeing that potential, but with this house, I can easily see how great it will be once we are done :)

And now....

the beginning of the "Before" pictures.  Today will be just of the outside.

There it is! Our Ugly Duckling :) 
(In a few feet of snow!)

The back

No we will not be keeping the lovely mustard yellow siding and orange shutters :)

Part of the back

Already the big tree on the left is gone as well at the pine tree you can see in the top right. We will be adding a new roof, new siding, new windows, new front and back door/screens, a sliding door going out onto a deck/patio area (that will be in the side yard), and a fence. It is going to look drastically different!

The side yard. We are going to fence in the back and side, so it will kind of look like an "L" once it's fenced. The big window on the left is going to become a sliding door and we will be in putting a deck/patio.

 Well,  there you have it. A lot of progress has been made in just a few short days. I'll be putting up inside "before" picture when I have time this week :) 

Also, we have been meeting some of our neighbors, and they have all been SO nice! Such a blessing!

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rjs mama said...

our house is an "ugly duckling" too. i do need to put more effort in turning it into a beautiful swan. new follower via mom blog monday bloghop :)

Our Crazy Bunch said...

I'm a new follower. LOVE LOVE LOVE your header picture.

Kerry McCullough said...

Haha, ugly duckling houses are the best kind to get because they have the most potential to increase in value. Ours was the same way. We had to tear up the floors, patch up the drywall, re-do the entire kitchen... but now we know we have the potential to make A LOT more than we spent on it :)