wife to Jake, mommy to my 3 crazy munchkins, Lily (7), Jonah (5.5) and Kate (4). Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.



Miss Kate recently figured out peek-a-boo, and it's now one of her favorite games. It sure is fun to play with her :)

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Munchkin's First Birthday!

Can you guess the theme?

That's right!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

 I had tons of fun with this theme- caterpillar cupcakes, caterpillar made out of balloons, and the banner with caterpillars and Eric Carle stickers. We had a great time with our awesome friends and family celebrating our sweet little munchkin!

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 On Tuesday my littlest munchkin turned O-N-E! Can you believe it?! It has been a whole year since I had to worry about our high risk pregnancy. A whole year of enjoying my sweet little girl. I admit, I am sad to see her turn one. I never thought I would be one of those emotional moms who wants to keep their kids babies forever. But here I am, wishing Kate would stay my sweet little baby for eternity.

 I took her to her 12 month doc. appointment this morning and she is up to 18 pounds! She has almost quadrupled her birth weight! The visit started off well, even for her 2 shots she only cried for a few seconds! Then we had to take her to the lab to get her blood work done. SO. SAD. It was awful. They had to bring in another nurse to help hold her arm down. She screamed and screamed. Her face turned bright red. Then when they were finally done, the needle fell out and Kate's arm squirted blood all over! The poor thing wouldn't stop crying. I felt so bad for her. Thankfully she is having a good afternoon nap right now.

Her party is on Sunday afternoon- I am really excited about the theme I chose and I've been working hard on making the party a success!! I'll be sure to put up lots of pictures :)

Happy Birthday Kate Roxanne!

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  Good news:
 Update on our house offer:  The sellers both accepted our offer the day they received it. Now it is off to the bank and we wait. Pray for us as we begin our home-buying adventure!

Even better news:
 Jake and I are GOING AWAY this weekend. WITHOUT kids! We are so excited. Grandpa is taking Jonah and Grandma Jan is taking the girls. I will admit, I am a little sad to be leaving Kate. This is the first time we will be away from her overnight. But she will have so much fun. All the kids will. Jake's coming home at 2:30 tomorrow and then our weekend will begin! Woohoo!

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We've taken the plunge

Well, we've finally done it.

We made an offer on a house!

Our FIRST house!

We have entered new territory. Short sale territory. This house would be great for us, and everything seems to be lining up nicely. But, if you know anything about short sales, then you know that this will most likely be a very bumpy, frustrating road, one that might end with no house. BUT we will see where this takes us... hopefully it will end with us in our first home :)

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 I am feeling bugged right now. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's partially because I am super hormonal (anyone else get a little crazy when they are weaning?!) right now or maybe it's something else. I don't know. But, I picked Lily up from school today and her teacher said that she had a good day, but she did get upset when the friend she wanted to play with didn't want to play with her. When asked why he didn't want to play with Lily, he said because Lily is too loud. It is true, Lily can be quite loud at times. So at first, this didn't bother me too much. But now, it kind of does bother me. I'm not sure which part bugs me though. I am sad that Lily didn't get to play with her friend. I don't like that there is something (although I am sure there are many things) about Lily that others don't like. By no means is she perfect, but she's only 4. I know that I am being unreasonable- that there are things about every single person that others don't like, and we learn to live with everyone's imperfections. No one is near perfect and that's part of what makes us unique. So, that's why I'm not sure why this is bugging me. But it is, and I feel like I need to just let it out. Hence this blog post. I am not always good at accurately writing or describing my feelings- usually they just come out all jumbled up and don't make much sense until I can sift through them.

Look at this little love bug :)

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Little Observer

 My little Kate, watching her brother and sister playing outside

 OH- I think DADDY just came home! :)
 I wish this last one didn't have such a glare on the window, but it's still just so cute :)

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 Right now, I am struggling with my 4 year old. She has always been quite a handful. She is a "spirited" child. Currently, my struggles with her include:
 - attitude
      - not listening
  - tantrums

We had a brief stage about a month ago, where she was awesome. Her behavior was amazing. No joke. It was the best she has ever been. Sadly, that only lasted about 3-4 weeks.

Most of the time, I just don't know what to do with her. I have been working on being more patient with her. I have also been trying to really praise her when she does something well.  We are also doing a 1-2-3 punishment/star chart. Basically, she gets 3 strikes. When she gets a 3, we write a 3 on the white board. Then, the next time she asks me if she can do something (color, ride bikes, arts and craft, watch a show...), then we look at the board. If there is a 3, she doesn't get to do it. But, she does get stars each time she does something well (listens the first time, cleans up well, helps siblings, goes to bed without a fight...) and when she accumulates 10 stars, she gets to pick something to do together as a family. That has been a big hit with her. Usually she picks to go to the bakery or go out to dinner. It has been really fun to celebrate her good behavior.

But lately, this morning for example, we have still been having a tough time getting through to her. It is very discouraging. 

I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences- what has worked for you? Or what hasn't worked? Is there something I am doing wrong?

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