wife to Jake, mommy to my 3 crazy munchkins, Lily (7), Jonah (5.5) and Kate (4). Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.


Wordless Wednesday

We had lots of fun playing the laundry basket today (it's the little things in life, right?)

I think Lily was having the most fun, what do you think? :)

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 What is my biggest weakness as a person and a parent?

 Managing my anger and frustration. It is hard. Really really hard. I have always had trouble controlling my anger. When I was a kid, I got in trouble a lot because I would take my anger out on my toys, or slamming doors, or by yelling. Not good. Especially since I now have 3 kids that daily test my patience. I kind of surprised myself when Lily was born. I thought that I was handling things pretty well, for being only 21 and knew, well, not much about babies. Then, when Lily was around 18 months old, that's when it started getting hard. That's when the tantrums, the screaming, the talking back and the attitude started. And that's when I started becoming aware of my weakness. Now, I not only have Lily to deal with, but Jonah and Kate as well. Therefore, I have less patience per child to dish out each day. I will admit that I have acted in ways that I am not proud of, and I think if I saw myself on a video, it would scare the crap out of me. I hate seeing Jake when he gets really frustrated with the kids, so I can imagine that it's pretty horrible when I lose it as well. I have been working so hard on controlling myself, but there are still times when I yell or give out a punishment that was probably a little harsh. That's one reason I started this blog. Not to gain followers, but to vent, to just get it out of my system. I don't want to take it out on the kids- they don't deserve that. But I think I need a few more outlets.

 What are things you do to let out your frustrations?

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Feeling Nostalgic

This morning, I got an email from one of my good friends, Audrey, that I have known since middle school. She is back in my hometown, Wheaton, IL, and I am in Boston, over 1,000 miles away. It was so good to hear from her. We both haven't been very good at keeping up with each other. I miss her a lot. And her family. They are one of the best families I have ever met. I haven't been back to Wheaton since Audrey's wedding, over 2 years ago. Since my parents and I are still not really communicating with each other (you can read more about that here and here), I don't know when our next trip out to Chicago will be. There is not much that I miss from my hometown, but sometimes, I do wish I could go back every once in a while, just to visit places that used to mean a lot to me. A couple of things I do REALLY miss are Audrey and her amazing family. Audrey and I were inseperable in high school, especially the first couple of years of high school.  She just had her first baby in March, and I wish so much that we lived near each other so our kids can grow up together. Her little one, Elsie, and Kate would have so much fun together since they are only about 5 months apart! I miss her family too- they took great care of me in high school. They are awesome people!
 I am really happy with our life here in Massachussetts, and plan on staying in New England to raise my family (it's beautiful here!), but I miss little parts of my life in Illinois. Not much, but a few.

I wish I wasn't so bad at keeping up with people that live far away from me. I need to try to make that more of a priority. It's hard to do with three crazy kiddos!
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I'm a little behind...

Crystal over at My Life as a Mom and Wife awarded me 3 awards!! Hooray! Thank you so much Crystal!!

Rules for accepting:

1.Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

2.Share 7 things about yourself

3.Pass this on to 7 other great bloggers you recently discovered

4.Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.
7 things about me:
  - I used to hate Chinese food- now it's one of my favorites (along with Pad Thai). 
  - I LOVE finding good deals- I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything for my kids (shoes, clothes, diapers, wipes...) I think it's so fun to find something you love (or need) and get it for an amazing price
  - Sometimes I feel like I am not smart enough to have kids- I can't remember anything from school! Hopefully I will still be able to help them with their homework. Maybe it will all come back to me? Let's hope so. At least their dad is smart :)
 - We have no debt and are saving to buy our first house. I am just a little excited about it- and by a little, I mean that I dream about how amazing it will be to have a house with space! I can't wait to organize everything!
 - One of my best friends is my roommate from college and I am so thankful that we still live near each other and can hang out and that our kids are growing up to be great friends :) Emma and Jonah will make a great couple someday :)
 - My hubby is 4 years older than me. It's fun to tease him and remind him that when he was a freshman in high school, I was in 5th grade. He loves that.
 - I am an only child. It stinks. That's why I always said that I would have more than 1 kid. Now I have 3! Hopefully that's it for a while. Maybe we'll adopt someday. 
Okay, that took more time than I thought it would... 
Here are 7 (it said 12, but I don't have time to pick 12 right now) blogs that I love to read- you should check them out too!
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My littlest Munchkin

  I had to throw this last one in- I mean, come on. Look at those eyes!!

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The Big 2-5

Tomorrow (10:10:10) I turn 25. I am pretty excited about this. Every year I await turning a year older. At least for now. At 24, I have already had my 3 babies and have been married almost 5 years. I get excited to turn a year older because I look young for my age. Really young. People have come up to me in the store, while I am pushing my three munchkins, and have asked me if I am 15. Seriously. 15? I think I even got 12 once. Ugh. That's why I enjoy turning a year older. Plus, 25 sounds way older than 24. So, tomorrow night Jake got a sitter for the kids and we get to go out for the night! I even got a new dress (which is so unlike me)- It's going to be great! I am so ready for my night out!!

 Where were you at age 25?

Happy Weekend!
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Topsfield Fair!

We had a great time at the Topsfield Fair on Sunday! The kids are still a bit too little for most of the rides and games, but they loved seeing all the animals! Here's a glimpse into our fun-filled afternoon :)

 We tried SO hard to get a good picture of the 3 kids- this is the best one. It's pretty good, but Lily is holding Kate in an awkward position. Oh well... maybe next time.  
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Wordless Wednesday- FALL!

In honor of fall, and all the wonderful things it brings, I thought this picture was perfect:

Lily, not long after she turned 2, on a nice fall hike.

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