wife to Jake, mom to my 6 crazy munchkins, Taking this crazy blessed life one day at a time.


Lighten Up, Mom.

I wish I didn't get so overwhelmed by being a parent. But I do. It's such a huge responsibility. And one of my biggest fears is failing- raising one of those kids that you would see on the news because they brought a gun to school or something horrible like that. There is so much to think about and so many things to teach and remember. Consistency is big. It's also really hard. One thing that I need to work on is relaxing. I need to be a more laid-back mom. Sometimes I get caught up in feeling like I need to do everything right now. An example: If my kids don't say "please" and "thank you", they won't be polite in the future and it will be even harder to teach them when they are older. If I let them get away with something one time, they will think they can always do that and I will get walked all over. I feel that I need to teach them all these different things now, or else they won't ever learn them. Now, I know that's not true. I know I am crazy. I bet my kids would be happier and learn more if I lightened up and was a cool, fun mom. I stress out too much. I think a lot of it is not wanting to repeat mistakes that were made when I was a kid. But it's amazing how much of the behavior I don't want to repeat actually is repeated. It sure is hard to break away from the way you were raised. Often I will say something or yell or do something that sounds just like my mom. And I hate that. I don't want to sound like her.
My dream is to be one of those super cool moms that somehow finds the time to make homemade snacks and granola and is really creative in the kitchen. I want to be one of those moms that can sew cute clothes for my kids out of curtains or sheets. I want to come up with fun crafts out of weird things you would find around that house. If I want to be that kind of mom, I need to add about an extra 24 hours to each day. I would also need to figure out how to be crafty. because I am not. at all. I learned how to sew in 7Th grade home-EC. I could probably figure it out again if I had the time. And a sewing machine. And the space to store a sewing machine and fabric. I think one day, when all the kids are in school and we are living in a house, with space, I will be able to be that kind of mom. Would that make me happy? It might- I like being productive and seeing my results instantly. Mothering is hard for me because I don't usually see the results right away. Hopefully, if all goes as planned (yeah right, like that usually happens!) my kids will be super well-behaved and polite and they will listen when I talk to them. And they will love the Lord and be good and faithful servants. That's the plan. That's the dream. I think to make this happen I need to lighten up a bit. Okay, a lot. And pray more. And trust and remember that I am not parenting alone , that's a big one. And ENJOY my kids! I get so caught up in trying to make sure I am doing all I can to make them turn out okay, I don't always enjoy them, which makes me sad. I also need more mommy friends. Goal for preschool this year- don't be so shy and try to talk to other moms and make some friends. Also, don't be afraid of my phone.

Hooray for another rambling post. But who cares. It helps me. If you are a friend of mine, help me to lighten up!


35 days to go.

Did I mention how much I love age 3 1/2?
So far, it has been nothing but a joy.
I am sad to see it go.
Counting the days to 9/1/2010....


A million years ago.

This past Saturday night, Jake and I (and Kate, the nursing babe) were able to get away for the night. Amazing Aunt Beth came Friday night, and we left Saturday morning, after yet another trip to the bakery.

We had a great weekend. On Sunday, we went to this little breakfast place for brunch. As we were eating our breakfast, I was noticing the people at the other tables. And for some reason, they reminded me so much of when Jake and I, and sometimes Mel and Henry, would go to Stephy's Kitchen on Sunday mornings before church at Christ Church, way back when Jake and I were still dating. It feels like a million years ago. Being reminded of those times made me so nostalgic. I miss those days. A lot. Our dating days were cut very short and I wish that we could have had so much more time together, as a young couple totally in love. Instead we had just a few short months and then had to suddenly tackle the obstacles that marriage and parenthood bring. I know that we are paying the price of our actions, and that's okay. We have three beautiful kids and have a strong and happy marriage, and are still very much in love. But it's not the same as the magic of just falling in love. And I miss that sometimes. That excitement. That was the first time in my life I was honestly beyond excited to wake up every morning. When I looked at Jake, literally the rest of the world was a blur. He was all I could see. It sounds like a corny love song, but it's true.

Sitting in that little Mass. Ave restaurant brought all those emotions back to me. And it made me a little sad because for me, all of those emotions changed so abruptly. We had an amazing summer, and then 4 amazing months, and then bam. From then on, my memory of our challenging beginning to marriage is a negative one. Not because of Jake, but because of how much things changed for me. I couldn't handle it. And losing my only family support hit me hard. Like a ton of bricks. Literally my entire life was turned upside down. I still have a hard time dealing with it all and trying not to regret the past.

This post has turned into more than I thought it would. But that's okay. I love Jacob more than anything. I love my precious kids and am working everyday to become a better mommy to them. They deserve the absolute best, even if some of them weren't "planned" by us.That doesn't matter. God has made it very clear to us that He wants these little ones here with us, and we sure are glad that He does!

First picture of us, taken at Uno's, 5+ years ago :)


Mom of the Year Award

Tonight Lily informed me that she wants Aunt Beth to be her mommy.


She said it twice.

Just in case I didn't hear her the first time.


Today... (warning: Long Post!)

...was a tough day.
I was so excited because we had a great morning planned, complete with best friends coming over for a tasty blueberry muffin and strawberry breakfast, playtime, and a special trip to the Bradley Palmer State Park wading pool! Sounds like an awesome morning doesn't it??

I did not take into account that my children, excluding the baby, tend to go CRAZY when guests come over, not to mention a playmate.

I did not take into account that my son seems to only enjoy water for the first 5 seconds, and then likes to wander.

I did not take into account how great playgrounds can be when they are overcrowded by loud, running, wet children. These three things put together on a playground are a bad combination.

I did not take into account lunch. How did I overlook that one?? I did bring snacks though.

I did not take into account how long it would take to drive our lovely friends (seriously, I don't know why they put up with us!!) home, past lunch time, past nap time. I guess "flexible" is not in my kids' vocabulary yet...

I did not take into account that when in a booster seat in the car, Jonah tends to unbuckle himself, hence why I recently switched him back into his 5-point harness car seat (which he was lending to his future wife, Emma today).

Now, all of that being said, we did have a fun time at the wading pool. It was not as relaxing as I thought it would be and I definitely learned some things that I need to remember next time we go. I am SO glad I did not attempt this adventure alone, as I would have failed in the first 5 minutes. Definitely a place to bring at least 2 adults, at least in my case, with the 3 little ones. But I hope that Aunt Mel and Emma had fun too! I hope we can have another play date sometime soon, maybe one that is not quite so ambitious or time consuming, since we still have such demanding napping schedules.

Kate cried most of the way home from the wading pool due to tiredness. Poor girl. Thankfully, Jake is home for lunch when we get home, so I have him put Jonah to bed (about an hour after he usually goes down) and I get Kate ready for her nap. Kids in bed, good. Lily doesn't want lunch right away, instead she wants to do arts and crafts. Okay, that's good, gives mommy some time to eat lunch since she only remembered to bring snacks and water for the kids. Afternoon went pretty well, aside from Jonah not napping for 1 1/2 hours. I take him out of bed to give him lunch. I suspected that was the reason he wasn't sleeping, besides his huge stinky diaper. Seriously, this kid needs to be potty trained. Tomorrow! Jonah eats, and I put back down for nap. I thought he was asleep, but no. I don't know how many times I went in overall, but it was a lot. I just gave up eventually. Thankfully, Kate took a killer nap (12:45-3:30!) and even better was that Jonah didn't wake her up with all of his talking, singing, playing, getting out of bed, and so on.
Jake comes home from work and goes out back to go for a swim to cool off. Lily learns that he left without her. Meltdown. Oh boy. You could hear the screams from a mile away. Meanwhile, I am trying to nurse Kate. Jonah manages to escape outside, where Lily is still screaming, and I am yelling at Jonah to get back inside since I was nursing and not able to go out with him. Of course, no one listens, so Kate gets a rain check for that feeding and is hauled outside to partake of the madness. I try to get Jonah inside, which results in, of course, a meltdown. Lily and Jonah, both outside screaming. Finally Jake gets in the game, running down the steps from the backyard and together we wrangle our screaming children inside to contain the madness. Eventually everyone calms down, to some degree, and we focus on dinner. No one really thought about a dinner plan for tonight, so we decided on breakfast for dinner. It was a hit. Even Kate liked my omelet.
To try to end our night on a good note, we get ready for our nightly family walk around campus. I am cleaning up Jonah and Kate, Jake and Lily go out to get the stroller from the garage. I look out the window to see Lily running with the stroller, Jake running behind her saying, "No, Lily!', Lily letting go of the speeding stroller, and we all watch as it crashes right into our new car. The car we have not even had for 2 weeks. The car that we had to bring back to the dealer because the roof was slightly smashed. Yep. It now has a nice new dent on the passenger side door. Nice way to end the night right? So we head out on our walk, 5 minutes later, Lily crying uncontrollably, Jake quite angry, me exhausted with a headache, Jonah without a care in the world, saying "Dent, dent, dent" over and over, and Kate spitting up and chewing on the strap of the stroller. One big happy family.
Now, finally all kids are in bed, sleeping. Jake is at a missions meeting at church. Dishes are done, floors clean (for the most part), toys put away. I am very much enjoying the hum of the AC and the absence of screaming crazy children. Just a day in the life the the Kreylings. I wonder what craziness tomorrow will bring.


10 Stars

Lily earned her 10th star on Friday night, so that meant that part of Saturday was devoted to doing something special that Lily picked! We were so excited that she earned her 10 stars! We are really trying to praise her when she does something well. Lily decided that she wanted to go to the bakery (again). I tried to tell her that she can pick anything she wanted, even something that we've never done before. We want to make it a BIG deal- something really special. But she's only 3, so I don't think she quite understands what all of her options are. So, alas, we went to the bakery again. But, it's an awesome bakery, so we weren't complaining one bit!
To start off our bakery trip, I told Lily to pick out a "special outfit". This is what she picked out! She looked SO cute!!

Next, I told her to go pick a "special book" to bring in the car. She was quite excited about this. She picked "God Thinks You're Wonderful" By Max Lucado. I can't believe she didn't pick a princess book!

Jonah and Lily excited to head out to the bakery!

I told Lily that she could pick anything she wanted (even if it was a cupcake), but she wanted the donut covered in sprinkles- her favorite :)

Sprinkle Mouth!

We had a great trip to the bakery. Thank you Lily for earning your 10 stars! We can't wait to celebrate together as a family when you get 10 more stars! (She already has 5!!)


kids say the darndest things...

"Mommy, why do you have a big belly?"
Because I have an 7 month old?
Because it's nearly impossible to exercise with three kids in tow?
Because I had 3 babies in three years?
Because my body has not been my own since December 2005?
I said none of these things.
Jake said, "Lily, it's not nice to say that to someone"
Sad day for Mommy.

Mazda5 update

(same interior, just black seats and no nav.)

Well, here is an update on the issues we had with the first van we bought:

Jake talked back and forth with the dealer all day last Thursday. He went there after work and they had a brand new van, exactly like the first one (minus the damage on the roof), waiting for us! They had it shipped from another dealer, just for us, since they didn't have the one we wanted on their lot. So, Jake had to sign new paperwork all over again, but an hour or so later, drove home in our brand new, non-damaged Mazda5!

We took our first family ride in it this past weekend and it was great! The kids love it and we love it too (even Jake!) - it's a great addition to our family :)


How to beat a case of the Mondays

Run around, swim, and water flowers...

butt. naked.

First she asked to play outside.

Okay, no problem. Have fun!

Then she comes in with wet clothes and asks if she can play in the pool with her clothes on. Okay, but don't come crying to me when you are upset that your clothes are wet.

Then I go out to check on her only to see a pile of wet clothes on the ground and a very naked girl splashing and swimming in the pool.

Okay, but you need sunscreen so you don't burn that white bum. I think this is the first time it's seen sunlight.

Later she proceeds to walk around, still very naked, with only a bucket in hand, watering all of the flowers.

I couldn't help but smile.

My very spirited girl was living up to her temperament.

But it was just what we needed to cure our case of the Mondays :)

The Alarm

The past 4 nights, I have cut out Kate's 10pm feeding. A week ago, I would nurse her before we went to bed, and then she would wake up again anytime between 2 and 5am for another night feeding. I decided to try having her sleep through her 10pm feeding and see what happened. I was expecting her to wake up around 12 or 1am to nurse, but to my very pleasant surprise, the first night of no 10pm feeding she slept from 6:30pm to 6:30am! I was not expecting that at all, so of course, despite the great sleep Kate was getting, I spent much of the night listening for her, checking on her, and wondering when she was going to wake up. It was great that she slept so long, but at the same time, she skipped 2 feedings. Now, any nursing mother will tell you, that suddenly missing 2 feedings is, well, really painful!! By morning, I was about ready to wake her up just so she would nurse and relieve some of the pain!

Anyway, thrilled that Kate slept so well the first night, I was a bit skeptical about the 2ND night, thinking night #1 was a fluke of some sort. But, low and behold, Kate slept until 5:45 the 2ND night, and 6:30 again the 3rd night! Yay Kate! My body was adjusting to this new nursing schedule and sleeping schedule (finally all 3 kids were sleeping mostly through the night!!). Until last night....

We keep a clock/noise maker in the kids' room to help them sleep and not wake each other up- plus we have a little apartment, so we don't want to wake them up either! Anyway, last night I was sleeping great, until Kate wakes up at 1:45am. Words can not describe my disappointment. Going into night 4, I was thinking it would be like the previous 3 nights. I go into the kids' room to find the alarm blaring! I am taking a wild guess that the culprit was a little 2 year old of mine.... I fumbled around in the dark, trying to turn it off as quickly as possible. I finally get it off and back to the usual "wind" sound the kids are used to and rush over to calm Kate down, praying she will go back down after putting her plug back in. Nope. 30 minutes later, after getting in and out of bed multiple times, many whispered words of anger and frustration, I am sitting on the couch nursing her. Ugh. Defeated. I was so mad that if it weren't for that stupid alarm, Kate would have slept peacefully until 6am.

I am afraid now, that after one night of a midnight feeding, she is going to want it again tonight. I am praying that last night was just an off night and that tonight will go just as smoothly as the first 3 nights. I am hoping really hoping that's all it was...


Date Night

Last night, Jake and I had a date night. Not your typical date night, since it ended in us driving home in a new car! That's right, we bought a brand new, 2010 Mazda5. I think all of my van nagging finally wore down the hubby and we compromised by getting this sweet little thing:

It is not as huge as the Honda Odyssey (which I still LOVE and hope to get in 5-7 years when we outgrow this one), but it has the 3 rows of seats that I desperately wanted, plus an extra seat in the back so we can take a passenger, if needed. Plus, it's stick, which we love to drive and will help with gas mileage. We were quite pleased after signing all of the papers. We were getting really excited to drive home in our new car, as anyone would be. Finally, we were outside, standing next to our new car. Jake signs the last paper, we hand Emilio the key to our old Subaru (you will be missed!), and we are getting ready to drive away, when I spot this on the roof of our brand new car.....

Yes, it's damage! The pictures don't show it very well, but there is a large dent in roof and along the strip when the roof racks will go, plus the strip has been ripped and torn away in one spot. It looks as though either something hit it or it got damaged while being transported. Boy, are we disappointed. A new car should be perfect and we should not need to schedule an appointment to get body work done and drive a rental car home when we haven't even left the lot yet!!
Jake is going back today to get everything sorted out. We'll see what happens. He is not very happy about it. After the repairs are done, if it doesn't come out perfectly, then I don't know what we will do. I feel that things like this always happen to me. We can't even have something work out just right. There is always some sort of snag...


Friend or Enemy?

How about both? They're SIBLINGS!
Growing up as an only child, with no close cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or really any family at all, having 3 kids of my own has been an interesting experience to say the least. I really don't have a clue as to how siblings interact with each other. Sure, I can guess that it's normal for them to fight at times and be friends at times, but actually experiencing these sibling ups and downs is another story!
One minute, they are reading books together and sitting next to each other being adorable, and the next minute, they are screaming at each other, Jonah pulling large clumps of hair out of Lily's head, and Lily slugging Jonah and shrieking at the top of her lungs. Then after restoring order to the house, the cycle continues, over and over and over again. All day long.

It's really an exhausting experience, but quite rewarding. I am thrilled that they will have each other growing up, something I didn't get to experience, and regret (not that I had a choice in the matter). As much as they fight and bug each other, they love each other and watching them play together and talk to each other is so fun :) I am excited to see how Kate plays into the situation once she gets big enough to participate. I think she is already catching on that her big brother and sister are crazy! She often looks at them like she's thinking, "what I am in for?!".