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First day!

My big girl!

Today is Lily's first full day of school with her whole class. She was beyond excited! Once we got there, she didn't even say goodbye before she ran off with her new BFF, also named Lily. Oh well, I guess it was for the best since I had to take little man to the doctor straight from dropping Lily off at school. I still haven't quite figured out sometimes how to do the whole juggling 3 kids thing when going out. Dropping off Lily at school today when it's our snack week meant getting out the Phil and Ted's, strapping Jonah in, strapping Kate in, Lily's walking with her backpack and carrying the bag of snacks. I am pushing the stroller with one hand and carrying the cupcakes with the other hand- Lily was so excited to have her birthday celebration today with all her friends. Thankfully the door was held open for me. It can be quite the production....  Someday I'll get the hang of it.
Seriously one of the best pictures of these two together in quite some time! I love it :)


Our Funny Little Family said...

So cute! Emma had so much fun playing with them this weekend. It's all she talked about this morning!

Mommy Minded said...


Jenny said...

Following you from Mom Blog Monday. I love your header, very cute kids in their cars!

Shoni said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your children are so precious!

JIll said...

Great picture. I hope she enjoyed her day at school. I am your newest follower from Mom blog Monday. Stop by when you can.

Angela said...

Thanks for following Mommy Time out!

Monkey's mama said...

What adorable kiddos you have! Thank you for the sweet comment about my son!

Thanks for linking up to Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop! Hope to see you again next Monday :) I am now following you back!

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Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

I hope she had a great first day! Today was also my daughters first day, but of preschool. It goes too fast.

melanie_nicholson said...

Thanks for visiting over at 2Boys+1Girl=One Crazy Mom today, I'm following you via GFC now.. Cute blog you got tehre, the kids are adorable.. and BTW you stole my name..hahah I was gonna use the same blog name.. and tried everything but it kept saying in use..too funny.. who would have known I would meet the person ( well online..lol) who had the same idea like I did...
Will come back more often..
happy Monday

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Momma Chantal said...

You must have been quite the sight! At least someone held the door. I love when I am juggling the double stroller to get through a door and as soon as I get it open and the door propped with my foot so I can shove the stroller through someone just walks right through the door and expects me to move the stroller out of the way for them. Seriously? People can be so rude and dense! I swear I get rude responses more then helpful ones when I am struggling with the 2!